A Timeline of GCM’s History:

  1. Great China Metal Ind. Co., Ltd was founded on November 26, 1973 with an initial capital investment of $10,000,000 NTD.
  2. 1974 : The first phase of construction and workshop was completed in our TouFen Factory.  We also successfully installed Taiwan’s first British Crabtree Two-Color Tin Lithography printing line for commercial products.
  3. 1976 : Installation of Taiwan’s first Minster Combined Punch Press for manufacturing the aluminum 202 and 211 diameter Easy Open End (EOE).
  4. 1977 : Installation of Taiwan’s first Swiss-made Soudronic 3-piece weld can production line.
  5. 1979 : Completed installation for the second, third, and fourth aluminum EOE production lines.  Developed mold for 209 diameter EOE.
  6. 1980 : Invested $15,000,000 USD and commissioned America’s PAC Company to install one 2-piece aluminum can production line with the capacity of 800 CPM.
  7. 1981 : Taiwan’s first high speed 2-piece aluminum can production line officially commissioned.
  8. 1982 : Signed a technical collaboration agreement with America’s Continental Can Company.
  9. 1985 : GCM imported and installed the first two piece Draw-and-Redraw (DRD) production equipment from Germany’s Alfonshaar Company.  This was the first distortion printing technology installed in Taiwan.
  10. 1986 : Additional high speed 3-piece weld can production lines installed.
  11. 1987 : Installed second 2-piece aluminum can line and one new line for 206 diameter aluminum EOE.
  12. 1989 : Built two new production lines respectfully for 307 and 301 diameter aluminum Full Open Ends (FOE).
  13. 1990 : GCM’s company stock was officially listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on August 8.
  14. 1990 : New installations and commissioning completed for 946ml and 500ml 2-piece aluminum can lines.
  15. 1991 : Introduced the newly developed 209 diameter aluminum FOE for commercial production.
  16. 1992 : Increased production capacity for the second 2-piece aluminum can line to 1,600 CPM.
  17. 1993 : Installed a new 250ml 2-piece aluminum can line.
  18. 1993 : In compliance with the Government’s Environmental Policy, GCM introduced the high speed (daily output of 5 million pcs) SOT production line, and completed machine tests for commercial production.
  19. 1994 : The TouFen Factory passed ISO 9002 quality authentication by the Commodity Inspection Bureau.
  20. 1995 : The FuGang Factory passed ISO 9002 quality authentication by the Commodity Inspection Bureau.
  21. 1995 : Established a new subsidiary company, “Shanghai United Can Co., LTD” in Shanghai, China.  Commercial production started in June.
  22. 1997 : Established a new subsidiary company,  “Huatong United (Nantong) Plastic Industry Co., Ltd” in Jiangsu’s Haimen City of China to produce LLDPE Stretch Film.
  23. 1998 : Turned earnings to capital investment, increased the company’s registered capital amount to a total of $3,050,000,000 NTD.
  24. 1999 : Built a PET bottle plant, imported hot fill PET bottle production equipment from Canada and France and completed installation for the 2nd PET line in the following year.
  25. 2004 : Established a plastic closure plant with imported new production facilities from Italy and Germany.
  26. 2004 : Established “GCM Packaging Co., Ltd.” in Vietnam to produce solely SOT EOE.
  27. 2006 : Installed the 3rd LLDPE Stretch Film production line in “Huatong United (Nantong) Plastic Industry Co., Ltd”.
  28. 2007 : The subsidiary company “Shanghai United Can Co., Ltd” and “Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd” strategically aligned together to form the new joint venture company, “Chongqing United Can Co., LTD” and successfully commenced manufacturing 2-piece aluminum cans in August.
  29. 2009 : Established the new subsidiary company “Jinan United Can Co., Ltd” in Shandong’s Jinan City of China and installed two production lines for 2-piece aluminum cans. Planned production to commence in the last quarter of 2010.