Financial Information

Financial Report

Files 1:2017Q1 Financial Report
Files 2:2017Q2 Financial Report
Files 3:2017Q3 Financial Report
Files 4:2017Q4 Financial Report
Files 5:2018Q1 Financial Report
Files 6:2018Q2 Financial Report
Files 7:2018Q3 Financial Report
Files 8:2018Q4 Financial Report
Files 9:2019Q1 Financial Report
Files 10:2019Q2 Financial Report
Files 11:2019Q3 Financial Report

Monthly Revenue(stock code:9905)

Website 1:Monthly Revenue before adopting IFRSs
Website 2:Monthly Revenue after adopting IFRSs

Annual Report、Shareholders' Meeting

Annual Report

file 1:2018 Annual Report
file 2:2019 Annual Report

Shareholders' Meeting Notice 、Shareholders' Meeting Agenda

file 1:2019 Meeting Notice2019 Meeting Agenda
file 2:2020 Meeting Notice2020 Meeting Agenda

Shareholders' Meeting Minutes

file 1:2019 Meeting Minutes
file 2:2020 Meeting Minutes

sShareholders Services

Stock Information

Please go to the web site for further stock market information:9905

Dividend Information

Annual Dividend(Applicable after after ratification by the Shareholders' Meeting)

List of Major Stockholders


Stockholders' Contract Information

Ms. SHU-LING CHEN TEL:+886-2-2901-5153

Critical Information

Critical Information

Please click the Market Observation Post System to enquire about the critical information『Market Observation Post System
CODE NO:9905

Investor Conference

2020.09.18 PM2:00 GCM's Investor Conference.Conference Place: The Information Center of TWSE
Investor Conference:Download

Internal Audit Organization and its operation

Purpose of internal audit

The company has set up internal audits, the purpose of which is to assist the company to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes through a systematic and disciplined approach to achieve company goals.

Internal Audit Organization

The company's internal deparment is manned with one auditing chief and some auditing members.

Operation of internal audit organization

The majority of the audit work is executed according to an annual plan, which needs to be approved by the Board of Directors. Special audits are conducted as needed. Audit Reports shall be submitted to and reviewed by the Supervisors by the end of the month next following the completion of these audits. Informing the Board during its ordinary meetings.

Description of Appointment, Removal and Evaluation of Internal Auditors

The appointment, dismissal, evaluation, salary and remuneration of the company’s internal auditors are handled in accordance with the provisions of the "Personnel Management Regulations" and "Employee Appointment Management Measures". The evaluation is carried out twice a year. Reported to the chairman of the board for approval, the aforementioned relevant measures have been disclosed in the company's internal rules and regulations area.

Safety and Health Management

Safety and Health Management

Files:Safety and Health Management